The Best Hearing Aid 2017-18

Hearing Aids Come IN differing Styles


A more traditional style hearing aid offering more options including higher power solutions. 


    Hearing aids can be custom made to fit exactly the shape of your ear coming in sizes right down to completely in the ear canal ( invisible).


    Probably the most popular hearing aids offer a wealth of features yet still quite cosmetic 



    Most hearing aid manufacturers offer 4 to 5 differing technology levels, each one offering a better ability to hear  differing and more difficult hearing situations.

    Basic Level

    This level of technology for me is one to avoid as you get much more for going to the next level for little more money. I feel rather than look at this technology I would look at the NHS services which are free.

    Lower Mid Range

    This for me is the starting level of technology offering good solutions to many differing listening situations.

    Mid Range

    This is a very popular level for people to buy offering a really good hearing experience and higher level of technology to hear in difficult listening situations

    Mid To High Range

    This is a level of technology that I would either go to the lower mid range as the difference is not that great to the level below or pay more for the higher and better technology 

    High End Technology 

    This is every manufacturers best of their best designed to offer the ultimate hearing solution in the most demanding listening situation, like busy restaurants, large groups, meetings. Etc......

    So which is best for you?

    Well to be fair all hearing aids that are recommended to you by a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser are right for you. However what is not know is, do you need all the features and could your lifestyle be improved more by higher technology.

    The only way to find this part out is for you to trial differing technologies, for instance you may find the higher technology for your lifestyle and hearing needs are unnecessary but only you can know this after trialing them.

    So the first thing to do is book a hearing test and discuss your needs and trial a few differing hearing aids.

    So which hearing aid is the best.... Drum roll......

    I could go through all the different manufacturers and bore you with the technology that goes inside.The truth is most hearing aid manufacturers offer an excellent range of hearing aids. However like most people I  like some one qualified and experienced  to tell me what is best so although there are occasions where this is not the best for a particular person this is my winner.

    The Unitron NOW is the clear winner.

    Not only does it offer an upgrade path for the future to higher  technology levels, it is very very small and has every feature that most people could possibly want.

    The price ranges from £800 to £1600 per ear depending on technology level, comes with a 3 year warranty as standard and excels on hearing in difficult listening situations.

    Start your path to better hearing book your free hearing test and start your trial for better hearing today. Tel. 01257 263253