Here at Richard W Andrew Hearing Centre, we are leading specialists in the Hearing Care industry, based right in the heart of the North West. One area of specialisation, is delivering a product known as ‘CENS’. Cens are an electronic ear defender, custom made to fit perfect in your ear. Not only do CENS protect your hearing, but because they are based on modern, digital hearing aid technology, they can retain natural sounds from the surrounding environment, as well as allowing you to maintain clear conversation with the company you are with, whilst still maintaining protection to your hearing.

Why Protect your Hearing?
Any prolonged exposure to loud noise, can cause significant damage to your hearing leaving long-term, lasting effects. As you can see from the charts, ( Left audiogram normal hearing, right audiogram typical noise induce hearing loss ) a sport such as shooting has a very high chance of damaging specific parts of your hearing, resulting in lower clarity hearing, missing words and a negative impact in social situations.  

When it comes to quality hearing protection, you don’t always have to go digital. We can also offer CENS Passive Ear Protection, the non-digital option to protect your hearing, whilst offering the same level of protection as the digital options. Priced at £139, these are an affordable, but affecting option to stop lasting damage to your hearing, perfect for all situation. 

Nick Hardcastle – CENS Specialist. Pop in to our offices for a free consultation, to look into purchasing your new CENS hearing protection. As a motor biker, and occasional shooter, Nick understands the importance of well-fitted hearing protection. Alternatively, email any enquiries through to us on