Ear Wax Removal

Richard W. Andrew is a Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist of 33 years. He has been trained for wax removal by Aston University for micro suction and irrigation accredited by the BAA, Endoscopic Ear Wax Removal techniques under Mr Darius Rejali, Consultant ENT Surgeon and The Hearing Lab for micro suction.

Nicholas Hardcastle R.H.A.D. Dip.H.E. H.A.A. is a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser. He has been trained for ear wax removal and micro suction by UK Audiology Ltd accredited by BHSAA and the NHS ear care foundation.



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One Ear


  • Includes Video Otoscopy (Copy video emailed to you for your reference free)
  • Micro suction of one ear
  • Irrigation of one ear
  • Jobson Horne of one ear
  • Endoscope Micro suction of one ear
Both Ears


  • Includes Video Otoscopy (Copy video emailed to you for your reference.
  • Micro suction of both ears
  • Irrigation of both ears
  • Jobson Horne of both ears
  • Endoscope Micro suction of both ear


Ear Check
Video Otoscopy of the Ear Canal


  • If after checking your ear canal with the video otoscope for wax and no ear wax is present a copy of the video will be sent to you via email and a screening Tymponometry test ( This checks middle ear function ) and hearing test will be performed a copy of which will be presented for you to keep and if necessary a Doctors referral letter will be given.




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    There are four ways we can remove ear wax

    After taking a brief medical history of your ears and video otoscopy of the ear canal, a brief explanation of each procedure will be given before the Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser will remove ear wax.

    Micro Suction

    A small suction tube is safely placed in the ear canal under microscope, to safely and easily suction any ear wax from the ear canal.

    Ear Irrigation

    After using olive oil to soften any excess ear wax, a controlled jet of warm water is applied to the ear to gently flush any wax from the canal.

    Endoscope Micro Suction

    All the techniques using the latest endoscope view from Clearwax.

    Jobson Horne

    If the wax is easily accessible it can be removed via the Jobson Horne a small spoon like implement to gently remove wax from the canal.
    “ We offer a relaxed, comfortable, no rush service, we have more recommendations and repeat patient’s because we offer a caring friendly approach. In rare cases, it can take more than one visit however there is no extra cost for this service. We look forward to seeing you. ”
    – Richard W. Andrew, RHAD, PG Dip.M, HCPC Reg

    is fully qualified in ear irrigation, micro suction and Jobson Horne as well as being HCPC Registered

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