Hearing Aid Price List

All prices quoted include hearing test, video otoscopy, after service, hearing instrument trials and multiple trials and minimum 2 year warranty. 


Real Ear Measurement REM, Speech Mapping, Speech In noise tests, sound booth.

(The above is normally a £295 extra and is classed as the gold standard in hearing instrument provision and only provided by the higher standard hearing aid centres). Hearing instruments are expensive and deserve the best possible fitting solutions.

Bronze Series Hearing Aids  Price £800 per instrument

This is a starting series of hearing instruments and includes the very smallest hearing aids.

Silver Series Hearing Instruments £1,000 per instrument

This is the mid range instruments and generally the most popular. It includes the very smallest from all manufacturers and a more advanced technology

Silver Series Plus Hearing Instruments £1,100 per instrument

As above but includes the rechargeable and bluetooth range.

Gold Series Hearing Instruments £1,400 per instrument

Includes a higher technology level for better understanding in more demanding listening situations. Includes rechargeable and bluetooth.

Platinum Series Hearing Instruments £1,700 per instrument

The highest technology level, includes bluetooth and rechargeable. Also includes 5 year warranty


Our hearing aid trials ensure you are completely satisfied with your hearing instrument and can include multiple hearing aids.

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